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phoenix wright selection 123 drama cd translationTURNABOUT COMBINATION CHAPTER 1


P: Phoenix Wright Drama CD - Turnabout Combination Chapter 1	


Maya: Hey, Nick! Did you see the morning news? 

Phoenix: *hums, scrubs* Done! It’s clean.

M: There was a yakuza fight nearby! It’s an unbelievable world.

P: What, did you say something? I didn’t hear you.

M: Jeez!

P: Ow! Hey, don’t pull my hair! You’re getting in the way of my cleaning!

M: So many cases are happening right now – it’s not the time to be cleaning!

P: But scrubbing the toilet’s important, Maya. If a client comes and sees a dirty toilet, they’ll get a bad impression.

M: You say that, but you’re just killing time because we have no clients, right? The toilet’s clean.

P: Well. It’s true that I don’t have anything else to do.

M: Ah, won’t somebody with a problem come to us with a request? There’s nothing to do.

P: So you just want to kill time.

*knock knock*

M: Speak of the devil! Hi, welcome!

Edgeworth: Excuse me.

M: Ah! M-Mr. Edgeworth!

E: Is Wright here?

P: Edgeworth! It’s rare for you to come to my agency.

M: Well, let’s not talk out here – come in! Come on, Nick – bring out the tea and snacks. 

P: I’m going to do it?

M: Meanwhile, Mr. Edgeworth, you can inspect our washroom! It’s sparkling clean!

E: Your consideration is unnecessary. More importantly, Wright, I have a request for you.

P: You have a request for me?

E: Yes. Before that, there is somebody I would like to introduce.


Woman: Excuse me…

M: Oh! Mr. Edgeworth brought a woman! C-could you be his girlfriend!? 

Woman: Girlfriend!? No… I… er… U… Usagi… (which means rabbit in Japanese)

M: Usagi?

E: Usagi Miu. That’s her name.

U: Yes…

P: Usagi… I feel like I’ve heard that name before.

E: Her father is the current Chief Prosecutor. Usagi Ooishi. She is his only daughter.

P: The only daughter of the C-Chief Prosecutor!? 


P: So? What’s the request?

E: Do you know the Raionji family?

P: Raionji family?

E: They’ve been extending their influence recently. A yakuza family.

M: Ah! I saw that on the news this morning! There was a fight, right?

P: So what are those violent guys doing?

E: The boss of the Raionji family has a son and heir named Shishio. Recently, it seems that man has been following Ms. Usagi around. (shishi-o can be written with the kanji for lion man)

M: Eh? Do you mean he’s a stalker!?

U: Shishio isn’t that sort of person though…

M: Shishio? Do you know him well, Ms. Usagi? 

U: Er, um, that’s… Shishio is Mai’s… her…

M: Her?

E: Shishio Raionji has a sister two years younger than him named Mai. Mai Raionji is in the same year as Usagi Miu. It seems like Shishio Raionji happened to see Usagi Miu together with his sister and fell in love at first sight.

U: Yes… 

P: But you felt that his following you around was bothersome. So you consulted Edgeworth, Ms. Miu.

E: The one who consulted me was her father. He came to talk to me about a personal problem.

P: The Chief Prosecutor went to you directly?

U: My father always praises Mr. Edgeworth’s excellence.

E: *ahem* The Raionji family is currently spreading its disputes with other families. They are a troublesome bunch. The press will make a fuss if it is found out that the heir to that family is following the daughter of the Chief Prosecutor around. He wants to fix the problem before it grows. Chief Prosecutor Usagi is famous for being fond of his daughter. This incident has made him very highly strung, to the point that he always has security guards surrounding his daughter.

P: That’s way too overprotective even under these circumstances.

U: Yes… My father decided to make the consultation on his own too… The fuss is troubling me…

P: Then you must have no freedom.

U: Yes… But my father’s been like this ever since I was a child, so I’m used to it…

P: But why did you come here?

E: I’ll say it clearly. This matter is out of my expertise.

P: Out of your expertise? But this sort of thing is actually more appropriate for the police –

M: Now, now, Nick. What Mr. Edgeworth’s trying to say is this: ‘I don’t really understand affairs of the heart, so help me out!’

E: Urgh…

P: He’s not saying anything…

E: I am merely taking the necessary steps to fulfil the Chief Prosecutor’s request.

P: You just think it’s troublesome, so you’re passing the task over to me, aren’t you?

M: Why not? Just help him out, Nick! You can take on this request and kill time – it’s exactly what you wanted! You two are always glaring at each other across the courtroom, so why not team up once in a while? You’re friends, after all!

P: Me and Edgeworth, team up? Well, it’s true that this isn’t a case.

M: It’s decided! First, we need to come up a team name.

P: Name? I don’t really think it’s necessary.

M: What would be good? Since it’s Mr. Edgeworth and Nick, how about The Edgeright?

P&E: Rejected!

M: Ooh, you’re already in sync!


M: So how are you going to solve the problem? You’ve got to be careful with  affairs of the heart.

E: Er. Yes. What are you going to do, Wright?

P: Leaving it to me from the very beginning!? You really are no good with this sort of thing.

E: Urgh… 

P: Hm… Anyway, I’d like to meet the guy called Shishio.

E: Will you march into the Raionji estate and convince him to stop following Ms. Usagi around?

P: N-no, that’s a bit… First, we have to find out who we’re up against. With a non-violent method.

E: I have information about a restaurant Shishio frequents. A French restaurant named Tres Bien.

P: T… Tres Bien…

M: All right! Let’s all go take a look at Mr. Shishio then!

U: Should I go too?

P: No, it’d be bad if he spotted you with us, Ms. Miu, so please stay here with Maya.

M: ‘Kaaaay. 


P: A girly interior, as usual. Well, putting that aside, which one’s Shishio?

E: From what I’ve heard, he looks very much like one of them. 

*dish cracks*

P: What was that?

Man: Hey, lady. What the hell are you doing, spilling soup on somebody’s face!?

E: It seems we’ve already found him.

P: I-It’s true that he looks incredibly like one of them.

Man: Don’t just keep your mouth shut – say something. Come on. 

Woman: I’m sorry! I just started working part-time as a waitress – 

Man: Like that matters! Anyway, call the manager!

P: Ms. Miu’s being followed around by someone like that? I can understand why the Chief Prosecutor would consult you.

Man: Didn’t you hear me? Do you want to get hurt? Come out to the front!

Other man: Wait.

Man: What? Who the hell are you?

Other: Be quiet. I’m eating.

Man: What did you say!? You asking for a fight? Who do you think I am? I’m in the Haiena family! 

Other: Stop. Naming families will bring about a fight, and like you said, a ‘Sorry’ won’t cut it then.

Man: I…

Other: If you get it, shut up already. Before the beast within me awakens…

P: He just said something kind of amazing.

Man: Don’t look down on me!

P: Watch out!

Man: Ouch! Ouch ouch ouch ouch. My arm! My arm! Aaaaagh. 

Other: If you’re still gonna keep at it

Man: Ow ow ow ow ow. I got it! Stop! Let go!

Other: Hmph. Leave before you get any more injuries. My name is Shishio. If you’ve got any complaints, I’ll listen any time.

Man: Aaaaaah! Heeeeeelp!

*door slam*

P: Oi, did you hear that, Edgeworth? He just said Shishio – eh? Edgeworth?

E: So you’re Shishio Raionji?

P: Edgeworth! 

Shishio: So what if I am? From that self-important tone you’re taking, you’re with the cops, right?

P: No, you’re wrong!

E: Hmph. Something like it.

P: Why are you saying that?

S: I hate the cops! My food’ll taste bad now. You guys should shut up too. Before the beast within me awakens… 

P: That again?

E: What will happen if that beast awakens?

P: Why are you asking that!?

S: Hehe… If you want to know so badly, I’ll tell you.

P: No, it’s fine! Come on, let’s go, Edgeworth.

S: I know your faces now. Don’t show them to me again. If you do, then – 

E: What will – 

P: You don’t have to ask!


M: Welcome back! How was it? Did you meet Mr. Shishio?

P: Ah, yeah. We saw him.

U: Excuse me… How was it?

E: He is a dangerous man. Completely inappropriate for you.

P: Well, yeah. That man’s a bit…

M: Did he seem that dangerous?

P: Actually, at the restaurant…

M: Oh, so he’s so dangerous even the punk ran away? What sort of animal does he keep? What do you think, Ms Usagi?

U: Eh? Ah, er… animal?

P: He’s not keeping an animal – a beast lives in him.

U: Yes…

M: So do you have any good plans?

P: Hm… Anyway, if we don’t want the problem to get bigger, we just have to convince him to stop following Ms Miu somehow.

E: But it doesn’t seem like it’ll be easy to convince him. 

P: Yeah… And I don’t think things will turn out well if he sees us again…

M: All right! It’s my turn then!

P: Ah, no, Maya. I think it’d be too much for you.

E: That man has an unspeakable intensity. To the point that a grown man ran away.

M: Nothing can be done then. Ah, I wanted to see what animal would come out.

E: Wright. Do you have any ideas?

P: Isn’t there someone? Somebody who sees people like this all the time on the job, who won’t falter at a little thing like this.

M: Do you mean…


Gumshoe: Dick Gumshoe, at Mr. Edgeworth’s call! What sort of emergency is it?

P: Actually, we have a request for you, Detective.

G: I have a bad feeling, pal. 


G: WHAT? That Pandaji guy is following this poor girl around?

M: Not panda – lion! Shishio Raionji.

G: I can’t forgive him. I’ll deal with him right away, pal! I’ll arrest him right now!

U: Eh? Arrest?

P: You don’t have to go that far, right? We just want him to stop following her.

E: If possible, we don’t want him to find out that you’re with the police either. We don’t want the problem to grow.

M: If he’s not police, then how’s he supposed to approach Mr. Shishio?

P: Right… Ms. Miu’s… uncle, maybe?

G: I’m not that old! I could be an older brother.

P: Well… you can do what you like there, Detective.

G: Just leave it to me, miss.

U: Ah… I’m a bit anxious…

P: But it’d be bad if Shishio spotted you, so please don’t come to the restaurant.

U: Y-yes, I understand.


M: Hey, is he Mr. Shishio? He’s pretty handsome! Oh… where’s Detective Gumshoe?

E: He should be here soon.

*door chime*

Waitress: Welcome.

M: He’s here! Eh? He’s wearing civilian clothes instead of his usual suit.

P: Well he’s her older brother.

M: But the clothes look really young, or well, like he’s dressing to look young…

E: What is he planning to do…

G: Excuse me. You’re Shishio Raionji, right?

S: Hm? Who are you? 

G: I’m Dick Gumshoe. You know little Miu Usagi, right?

S: Little Miu, you say?

G: I’m Miu’s friend. 

P: Friend? He just went and changed the backstory!

G: I go to the same university as Miu. I’m twenty years old!

P: Twenty with that face?

E: That’s too much, right?

G: I want to talk to you about Miu.

S: Tell me then.

G: Stop following Miu around, or you’ll run into misfortune.

M: W-what is he saying? Nick? 

E: What is this, Wright?

P: What is this…

G: She’s burdened by a god of poverty. Everyone who gets involved with her runs into misfortune. They become poor! They only get to eat instant food! Is that OK with you? It doesn’t fill you up at all!

P: Is he trying to convince her with that?

E: The talk about being poor is strangely real though.

M: Maybe Detective Gumshoe’s trying to talk about Ms. Usagi’s bad points to make Mr. Shishio give up?

P: Ah… maybe…?

G: If you don’t want that, stop following her around, pal! Or you’ll hit poor bottom yourself!

P: The rock bottom of poverty, right?

G: How about it? If you don’t want to run into misfortune, give up on Miu.

S: So I’ll be unlucky if I associate with Miu? What a coincidence. I have a similar jinx too. There’s a jinx that makes everyone woman who’s involved  with me happy, no matter who she is.

M: Whoa! Girls fall heads over heels for lines like that, right, Nick?

P: Really? Sounded kind of shameless to me.

S: You said your name was Gumshoe, right? Tell Miu this. ‘All the misfortune and poverty you have – I’ll negate all of it. So come to me now.’

P: So – so cool. 

E: What are you falling heads over heels for?

S: Hmph. I can tell you’re trying to make me give up on Miu, but that’s not gonna happen. I don’t know who asked you, but give up on the impossible.

E: It seems he has seen through our plan.

G: Wait! I’m honestly warning you, pal! Anyway, there are tons of people who ran into bad luck because they stuck around her! Everyone’s in despair! You should notice already! That woman’s a really awful woman!

S: Oi. Stop it right there. If you continue to say bad things about Miu, I won’t show any mercy.

G: But pal – 

S: Shut up already! Before the beast within me awakens…

P: That again!

M: What sort of animal will come out?

P: Maya, are you excited about this?

E: Wright. Are you still continuing with this plan? This might cause pointless trouble.

P: That’s true. Let’s get Detective Gumshoe back.

*phone rings*

S: Wait a sec.


S: It’s me. What’s up? 

M: Ah, he went over there to talk on the phone.

P: Let’s tell the detective we’re halting the plan now. Detective Gumshoe!

G: What? I’m still convincing him, pal!

P: He knows our plan already! And you’re speaking too badly about Ms. Miu.

G: You have to exaggerate at times like this, pal. And the real thing’s coming up. Watch – I’ll definitely make him give up –

Woman: HOLD IT!

P: What? 

G: Who was that?

Woman: Hey, hey, hey! This stupid braggart! You’ve been lying this whole time. Even if God forgives you, I won’t keep silent!

P: W-who is this? Blonde hair and sunglasses?

Woman: Oi. Man with the poor-looking face.

G: You’re not talking about me, right? I’m a twenty-year-old university student.

Woman: I’m talking about you! And Pointy over there!

P: Y-you’re not talking about me, right?

G: No, that has to be you, pal.

Woman: You two – come out to the front!

G: What? We’re having an important conversation right now!

Woman: Stop whining!

P: Wait a second! Don’t just – ow ow ow ow ow!

G: Don’t pull my arm!

P: Don’t pull my hair either!

M: Mr. Edgeworth, Nick and Detective Gumshoe were forced outside by a woman!

E: Who was that woman just now?

M: I don’t know. She had blonde hair and sunglasses. A foreigner, maybe? Anyway, let’s go too!

phoenix wright selection 123 drama cd translation

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title: sostenuto ~ 2nd movement
play time: ~30 minutes
rating: e for everyone.

a prince and a pianist are locked in a room.
a small window into their lives.
a love letter to apple pie.

DOWNLOAD: windows, mac & linux (only tested on windows)

so this is the project I was working on before! a really short visual novel about a prince and his pianist. there are romantic undertones (overtones?) but nothing actually happens (as is characteristic of anything I write m(__)m).

if this sounds at all interesting to you, I’d love it if you downloaded it, gave it a try and told me what you think! especially if you own a non-windows computer because I haven’t had a chance to test this on anything else (・_・;))

BRAND NEW STORY (kindaichi case files r / 金田一少年の事件簿R)

so I have a secret soft spot for kindaichi and this op really made me happy (//∇//)


psychic detective yakumo novel translation

My friend was spirited away – the person who called Haruka for help is Oomori Masato, one of the students from the class Haruka trained with. When Yakumo heard that, he went straight to Nagano to search. Meanwhile, Ishii received urgent news of a patrol wagon accident. The car was the one that carried Nanase Miyuki…!? The stage of the two cases goes to Kinasa, Shinshu, legendary for housing demons! A new twist in part seven of the series.



psychic detective yakumo novel translation
afterword (translation notes)

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psychic detective yakumo novel translation
extra file: passenger

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made brick toast from scratch. baked a wholewheat bread cube, slathered some condensed milk and maple syrup, topped with french vanilla ice cream and bananas to finish. next time I’m thinking of adding some chocolate between the toast cube layers.

made brick toast from scratch. baked a wholewheat bread cube, slathered some condensed milk and maple syrup, topped with french vanilla ice cream and bananas to finish. next time I’m thinking of adding some chocolate between the toast cube layers.

apple crumble with coconut sugar! had apples from the local grocery basket that I ordered with the gift card I received from the lovely zessou. still have one apple left so might have some baked apple oatmeal tomorrow ♡

made chiffon cupcakes from nakashima shiho-san’s fantastic, fantastic recipe. (my dad ate three of them all at once, which is the highest honour for me ♡ he said it was just like  紙包蛋糕!) 

just need to buy a chiffon cake tin so I can keep making these (//∇//) I’ll try different flavours next.

made chiffon cupcakes from nakashima shiho-san’s fantastic, fantastic recipe. (my dad ate three of them all at once, which is the highest honour for me ♡ he said it was just like 紙包蛋糕!)

just need to buy a chiffon cake tin so I can keep making these (//∇//) I’ll try different flavours next.