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TETSUKAZU NO KANJOU / 手付かずの感情 (tonari no kaibutsu-kun / となりの怪物くん)

played from one of the episodes.

sheet music/楽譜 + midi

nakayama masato  piano  tonari no kaibutsu-kun  tonari no kaibutsu kun 

since I tend to delete asks a couple days after posting them, I decided that a faq page of sorts might be in order.

the games I've made can be found at carnevale project. if you're interested, please feel free to take a gander.

unfortunately I don't plan on making pdfs for translations, but I don't mind if you make them for personal use.

please feel free to translate any of my translations into other languages, but when you do, please link back to me and send a message so I can link back!

there is no news on when volume 10 of yakumo will be out, at least that I know of.

if you want to thank me for translations/transcriptions, I accept donations. just leave a comment so I know what it's for!

please send me a message using the form below if none of the above answers your questions (o・ω・o)丿